She's every man's dream woman...

                                                   until she bathes in their blood.

About the Book:

  Raised in a city where drug dealers walk the streets and murder awaits you around every corner, becoming a cop seemed like the perfect choice for Andrew Jamison. As a cop, he could clean up the streets and keep his younger brother safe.

  It didn't take long for Andrew to learn that criminals have more rights than the victims. That a simple mistake or lack of evidence can allow the guilty to walk free. So, he did what any good cop would do, he started to plant evidence and beat confessions out of his suspects. His excellent track record for arrests allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks to detective.

  But now there's a new serial killer in town, the Black Widow, and she killed his brother, the only person who believed Andrew could be a good cop again.

  Furious about his brother's murder and spiraling down into the dark depths of guilt, Andrew vows to become a good cop again. 

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Will Coggins

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                  A thrilling read!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 June 2020

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What can I say about Black Widow: Blood Ties? It is one thrilling journey we take in the POV of Jamison, a tortured yet brilliant cop. After his brother is murdered, he becomes angrily eager to find the killer who as it happens is taking the lives of several men in the same fashion. Jamison is passionate about his job, but works in his own ways which the rest of the police force frown upon - he thinks like the enemy in order to bring them down, and bring them down hard! He takes it to another level with his partner by his side. I found the book to be full of emotion despite his wild ways, the authors really get into the heart of the character and draw the story out brilliantly. From start to finish, this book had me gripped!