Dawn of a New Day

At that last moment of the day,

when our weary minds drift free of time,

slowly sinking into soul-searching slumber 

When we dwell on times gone by and wonder why it went awry

When we seek the things that served us well,

but it's time is nigh within the realms of our lives,   

When we dream of the possibilities that tomorrow may bring,

the hopes that make today worthwhile and tomorrow a prize. 

That moment before the black of night seeps into the sunrise,

where rejuvenating rays wash away the problems of yesterday,

welcoming us to the dawn of a new day.



Dawn of a New Day is a collection of poems inspired by that last moment of the day when you dwell on what was, re-evaluate your life, and dream of the possibilities that tomorrow may bring.

"Insightful and imaginative" ~ Adam Laws (author)

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Feb 02, 2021 

Purple Poetry 

Filled with beautiful artwork that matches the poems, this collection of poetry by Kerry Harte evokes feelings of hope and beauty with the dawning of a new day.

With gorgeous phrases such as 'serenading the sunrise', this book is a collection of beautiful prose and stunning images! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.