Hanging by a Thread

A Collection of Poems


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Life is messy. 
Life is blind. 
Life is anything, but divine. 



Hanging by a Thread is a small collection of poems that delves into the darkest recesses of themes like mental health. 


It's okay not to be okay. 


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(Author of Sure Shot)

              Thought provoking!


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 June 2020

Verified Purchase

This chapbook contains some powerful pieces, conveying the author's mode of thought, dreams and wishes despite the gloom and daunting side to life which can keep you confined - it is an impressively strong debut poetry collection, reaching out to all, drawing on the theme of mental health and enabling the reader to relate to the author well. Overall, the book sheds a light on our darkest moments, having the courage to see it all through!

               A brave representation of mental health


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 June 2020


A well-written and thoroughly enjoyable collection of emotive poetry. Kerry's words are honest and relatable to most. Each poem flows with ease, telling a short story. I loved the internal rhyme and the suspense of 'Always Running' and 'Panic'. Furthermore, the dark illustrations alongside the words speak volumes.

               Excellent book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 June 2020

Verified Purchase


Excellent debut poetry. When reading I was totally immersed in the verses, and could relate to the verses especially the one titled "Panic". My thanks to the author Kerry and look forward to your next book of poetry.

            Loved it!


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 September 2020


Verified Purchase


This chapbook is the very reason poets should continue to produce them. The poetry here is both emotional and poignant in some places. It alludes to relationships in several pieces- with the author deciphering the thoughts or interpreting the actions of another character.
This is the kind of poetry that's like a mirror - in that you're sure to see yourself between these well-penned lines.
More than anything, this collection showed how the battlefields of our lives are our minds...where defeating or winning thoughts lie. I really enjoyed this!