• Sarah Walker


You tore my heart in two,

leaving it permanently blue

Even to this day,

I've never found the courage to say,

you destroyed me that day.

You could have stopped,

but you whittled away,

destroying a little more with your inner war.

Leaving a permanent mark

that left my heart dark.

I've cried so many times,

hoping that, someday, you'll say.

“I’m sorry about the way I behave.”

Until then, I'll hollow out my heart,

so you can't tear me apart.

So I can survive the way you behave,

which is not okay.

Sarah Walker has been a writer for eleven years. She has written for three production companies, co-authored two fiction books, and written poetry books under the name Kerry Harte. She also publishes poetry under her real name on this blog. You can find Sarah’s books with the links below.

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