• Sarah Walker

Hidden Heart

Lingering, wondering, longing to know, “Do you hear the meaning beneath my words?”

The hidden hints that you hurt my heart whenever we’re apart.

Do you see the light in my eyes? They only shine when you’re by my side.

Do you notice I’m always there? Especially when you need a friend who cares.

Do you notice anything at all? Or am I just a fool at your beck and call?

Whenever I try to speak my mind, your mixed messages mute my words, leaving my heart unheard.

I’m certain you know of the words I never spoke,

but you’re afraid to say let’s move to the next stage.

Do you enjoy the lingering hope that will never wither away as long as we stay this way?

Where we never say the meaning beneath our words of a love unheard.

But hidden meanings brew bitter feelings, fuelling a foreseeable feud,

withering away the friendship we made, where we were too afraid to move to the next stage.

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