• Sarah Walker

If Only I could Say...

When my life was set ablaze,

you stepped away.

When the embers still glowed,

you refused to speak what you know.

When my life was still hot ashes,

you cooled it with your callousness.


You ask for me to soothe your soul,

to say all is right within this world.

To say, I’m okay,

despite my life going up in flames.

To say you’re not to blame,

that you didn’t marry my name to shame.

When you pushed aside your pride,

apologizing for not standing by my side,

with heated hatred, my soul seethed.

I searched deep for the forgiveness you seek.

If only I could say, you caused me pain that day.

You turned my world from riches to rags,

my life tagged by your self-preservation act.

If only I could be as callously cruel,

and not clear your conscience for you.

But, when your apology came through,

all I could say was…

You showed me the error of my ways,

you sent me the life I never knew I craved.

You had to do what was best for you, so…




I forgive you...

for walking away

when my life was set ablaze,

reducing my life to ashes that day.

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